regarding a pathological liar, that once went by the pseudonym loba azul, and on the occasion of hearing them spew new and old lies on this radio show

december 14, 2016

from the observation deck… nobody wins

grafting yourself onto a trunk, leeching luxurious nutrients from the roots
you lied. about too many things to list here. you lied
assaulting senses & sensibilities, assuaging anxieties & angst
you made claims. you lied
signs pointing neon fingers to danger, delusions, and denigration lined this primrose path
you promised love, but you lied
languishing perceptions of self-induced gaping wounds
you were supported, but you lied about not wanting to be
imbuing streets suffuse with acidic blood & balderdash
you lived high on the hog, and lied about your contribution
guiding the beguiled through psychosomatic peaks & valleys or verdant envy
you had means, but you lied about having them
hiking high, fortune’s fool, intoxicated on fumes of sighs
you admitted your lies, then lied about your motivation
these delights have [emotionally] violent ends
you apologized for your lies, then lied about your apology
innocence is not objectively obtained or anointed
you yelled and screamed, then lied about yelling and screaming, then yelled about screaming and lying, then screamed about lying and yelling
noting abuse primarily doesn’t ordain you the victim, or victimize you exclusively
you lied about abuse, then abused your alleged abuser
going home to not a home, homeless without knowing no one is putting you down
you maybe aren’t a liar, but you lie about so much
you lied about things you didn’t need to lie about

there cannot be,
in this foolish fiction furiously projecting slings & arrows into your
exsanguinated heart,
any winners. shrapnel shreds soft tissue surrounding ground zero
while nuclear winter clouds settle softly into the
cankered crater
where you both once stood.

january 3, 2017

they who must not be named
you are...
...petty & petulant
...a pathological liar
...a thief
...an abuser
...a weasel [not wolf]

you are not...
...Native American [Cherokee, Iroquois, Apache [et al. none of them have blood running through you]
...a good person
...a writer
...an artist
...a teacher
...capable of living with any sense of integrity
...worthy of any more time than has already been spent on you

january 3, 2017

all any of us want


feeling safe
body and

…and we all want you to recognize the war you created in your head
            just as the one we are determined to attempt to avoid
                        is your self-determined creation

the mirror you employ
that reflects your pure soul?
what fantastic imagination! that
delusion and fabrication thereof

we just want resolution
no simple acquittal nor amnesty
just integrity without superiority

no divine warriors
or double-rainbow jazz hands
just impartial honesty

exorcise your magic mirror
excavate genuine archaeology
beyond the mutually consummated conceit
that discounted the foundation of vapor
upon which this house was built

see two pillars
side by side
cracking while still growing
crumbling from within
negligent faithful framing and
neither discharged of responsibility nor
immune to the pretense of righteous self-assurance nor
innocent vestigial vanity
both proud though
collapsing decayed
two legs in the dessert
declaring grand plans
drawn in haste and
built without infrastructure
announcing good intentions
while testifying to corruption
down the road below

we just
to move
lock this chapter
a vault for
review. Please

january 6, 2017

Warriors compulsion


you are
a petulant child
negotiating indefensible positions
hoping mommy will relent



holding your breath
blue in the face
wearing red-face
pretending you’re the last feather
floating o’er the plains

you may have been told you are loved
in fact

if your peace is stolen by violence - as you would have others believe
you might look inward or
at your magic mirror to
find the culprit. tell
him whatever you want. tell
her what you will
they will, apparently, believe whatever
they’re told to believe. Whatever best fits
their narrative. It’s all fluid to
them. all relative to how
he feels, and how
she interprets and we know
we’re not allowed to
question the factuality of feelings
there are feelings and
yours appear infallible and
there are facts
they’re not foreign languages that need translating
they’re not your native language for
columbus to stumble upon

your calling is not to name things, nor to
cast light upon dark corners or
expose veins of decay
your province seems more colonial
thievery by anointed vocation
snatch and grab and declare
manifest destiny
slash and burn and
leave by the side of the road

flotsam from this wreckage will eventually
sink, or be washed away
tsunamis become waves become swells become ripples becomes still water
time’s reclamation effort
returning everything to nothing
fair exchange for our
transitory purchase of this mortal coil

january 13, 2017

love [not numbered]

all we say and do reflects upon who we are
all that is said or done by others, about us
reflects upon who they are
not who you are



nothing is done in a vacuum
context helps definition

if someone calls me a liar and
it turns out i lied to them
that reflects poorly on me
for lying
not them for calling out my lying

i’m not being racist for pointing out that
your comments/opinions/views are racist

love yourself
it should be

refuse to accept
unsolicited criticism


allow the possibility that
context may reveal
latent invitations
subconscious acquiescence

your bleeding heart will
their bleeding heart
your bleeding heart
hurt hers
her bleeding heart
hurt yours
declare an end to
“forgiveness is not a tidy grave”

let it in
the negativity hurled against you
let it all wash
over you
feel the pain you caused
it lives next to
the pain you endure

when you listen
to words expressed through pain
sometimes those words are meant only to
though they often are rebounded feelings
mirrors in a house of horrors
infinitely reflecting pain
remind yourself
you hold liability
for some of that misery
you cannot disavow it
simply because someone else is saying it

compassion and empathy
are not gifts you
bestow upon others
they are skills
you must
develop and practice
over time
employ with subtle generosity
into a daily meditation
how you should
strive to live

january 18, 2017


you were an easy read
the first time… seventeenth… ninety-ninth…
always the same
never a mystery
never complex or nuanced

you showed us you don’t know
what love is
how to give it generously and
without reservation
how to receive it with humility and grace

you showed us you’re willing
to say anything at any time
apropos of nothing at all
relevant to even less
without regard to the truth

you showed us your true colors
though you thought yourself sly
a fox in a henhouse
a parasite in wolf costume
a cancer unwittingly invited in

you showed us your “scars”
interjected your lies to prove
you’re interesting too. raised your voice
because the louder you say it
the more credible you must be

we saw through you
see through you still
not interesting or unique
not even if your bleeding was real
not even if your writing said anything

your audacious bluster
a feeble old man behind a curtain
desperate to be taken seriously
determined to define legitimacy
flailing wildly, failing spectacularly

baby, you’re clinging to scraps
in the end, thinking you’ve the higher ground
that you don’t do down
you may rise, but your lies will eventually
drag you down again

june 3, 2017

you have no roots
you are transient
floating in the calm eye
of your own insane whirlwind

you didn't fly
you drove in reverse
running away
a coward
nothing sacred
or brave
about your ruffled false feathers

the officer confirmed
you are unhinged
claimed i threatened
you within the safety of your truck
your hounds protecting you

your "friends"
are witnessing a lie
nothing about you is true
or plum
plenty is soft and broken