just a thought

i used to run this blog and kind of burned out on it. a lot of texts from the same people each week, and not all of them what i would consider "secrets". anyway, i'm considering starting up again. not quite sure for now though


Rachel said...

Some people don't think their secrets are good enough, and that's why they don't share. Maybe if you didn't say, "This isn't a secret," then people would be more apt to share. After all, Frank never judges secrets like that.

chibi said...

thanks rachel. i'm not sure what makes you as a "pro" that qualifies you to offer "tips" but, yeah, ok. some of the texts that i got were not what i would consider "secrets". some of the postcards that frank posts are not what i would consider secrets. it's just an opinion. since it is my blog, though, i get to act on that opinion.