i wrote something...

...and i don't have anywhere else to put it. here you go. i would say that i hope you like it, but i don't know that i honestly care. but here it is. for whatever reason.

more random spikes in views. i don't know what to make of it.

the more i
read the more i
withdraw the more i
want to curl tighter into myself,
like a pangolin defensively coiling and waiting until the threat dissipates, or disappears....
i want to move away from me
to somewhere remote, maybe
uncharted, and cut myself
i'm exhausted from this exercise in futility
this famously fatal
inescapability, this twisting and
turning, swirling and circling...
the slow
debilitating and degenerative
atrophy that belies
our own oft rumored and whispered about brilliance

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