• he’s going to remember me forever. i hope i didn’t screw up his first kiss.
  • i want to kill that asshole. the only thing i had to remember him by and you fucking do that? and then laugh about it?! some friend…
  • you think you won a big prize. but honey, the only reason you keep him interested is because you keep opening your legs and it’s disgusting. both of you are.
  • i found pictures of my best friend on my dad’s phone that she had sexted to him and i got jealous because i don’t want him to think she is prettier than me. i’ve sent him pictures now too!
  • i told him how i felt. the feelings weren’t reciprocated. it was strangely liberating. i don’t need you anymore.
  • it made me feel more alive than anything ever has and now i won’t let myself. and somehow not cutting is supposed to make me feel better?
  • there’s only one thing that i believe that he said; that my best isn’t really my best. thanks asshole. / like always, when good things happen, there is always a price to pay. in this case, i’m losing one of my “bests”. we’ll see if it’s for the better.
  • my life is going so well lately it scares the shit out of me.
  • i cheated and if i tell you, you will forgive me. you will tell me how much you love me and beg me to stay to work on it. but i love you so much that i almost hate you for it. no one should get to hurt you like that. i’m so sorry.
  • i feel like i have a real life that i’m living and a second life in my head that no one knows about. i’m happier in the imaginary one.
  • i work so hard to ensure her happiness and in the end all i get are tears. why am i never enough?
  • i wonder if the only reason i’m so skinny is because i have a medical problem, but i refuse to go to the doctor because i’m afraid once they fix it i’ll be fat.
  • my cousin raped me when i was asleep. i woke up but pretended to be asleep the whole time. he’s still one of my best friends.
  • i think i’m in love with a guy i’m not dating. i’m not even sure if he likes me as more than a friend.
  • i lied. i used a butter knife. / it depresses me to the extreme when i go a whole day on a full cell phone charge and lose no bars. it makes me feel so empty and alone.
  • whenever there is a thunderstorm, i pretend to be scared so my dad will let me get into bed with him. then when he is asleep again i play with his penis.
  • i lie all the time. to everyone. to friends and family. i don’t even think about it anymore and people actually believe me.
  • i’m sick of the stories where everything with the couple ends up perfect and in love. what about the rest of us who don’t get a good ending? what happens to us?
  • when i spend the night at my friend’s house, i have sex with his mom after he goes to sleep.
  • my mom makes my lunch.
  • she says i have proven to her that i am incapable of settling down and that all that is left to do for me is to stay at home alone sitting in the corner. she also said she will not try to stop me if i try to get away. she is a liar.
  • so i like him a lot and he likes me too but i don’t know to what extent. i want to show him differently from all of the other girls, i want to prove him wrong and i know i can. but i just want to give up now. it feels like this is going no where with him.
  • it’s been almost three weeks. i didn’t think it would be this hard to stop. i want to cut every freaking day.
  • every day that i don’t talk to you i feel a weight off of my shoulders. the problem is there is always a weight added to my heart.
  • i save textsecrets that i connect with so when i read them later i can think, “i’m not alone.”
  • the 18th is going to be so awkward. it’s going to be my first time seeing him in forever. i think i might still like him, or at least my memory of him.
  • he’s the reason why i wake up each day. he has finally given me something to look forward to and i can’t even have him to myself.
  • to the secret about practicing giving bj’s on your brother; thanks for the idea! my brother and i have never been so close.
  • please don’t let anything happen to you because i don’t think i would be able to handle it.
  • one of my son’s best friends since kindergarten sent an invitation for me, to my office, for her 18th birthday party, with a lipstick kiss. i’ve been hard ever since!


Kate said...

Today, my five year old son came home from school with a notecard that read, "I hate my mommy."

I cried when I read the note.
I told my husband about it and all he said was, "That's what happens when you're never home."

I'm never home because I'm out to support my child, and in return, he hates me for that.

I feel as if I have failed as a mother by working too much out of the home.

Steph said...

I have too many secrets I wish I could text in.
But I don't in fear that someone somewhere will judge me...
And I don't want to fill you're mobile with texts...

Anonymous said...

The incest secrets creep me out. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

i wish my sister would practice on me!

Anonymous said...

"i feel like i have a real life that i’m living and a second life in my head that no one knows about. i’m happier in the imaginary one."

I could have sent this in myself.

Anonymous said...

The incest secrets make me want to shoot the OPs. Fuck you. Way to encourage what ruined my life, bastards.

Anonymous said...

"my mom makes my lunch."

that's so okay. my dad still makes my lunch and i'm in high school about to graduate. don't worry you're not alone

Anonymous said...

I agree. These incest secrets are really gross.