• i told my current fwb i was single since june but in reality i was cheating with him. i’m single now though, thankfully.
  • i cared about you even before we were close. you may have lost the only girl that would’ve bent backwards for you. oh wait, i had. / you call yourself a man but really you’re just a boy that pouts when he doesn’t get his way or when you’re wrong. turning things around on me is just childish.
  • i like you a lot and i’m pretty sure you don’t feel the same way. i keep feeding myself false hope, which just hurts me even more.
  • i see my ex’s new girlfriend everyday now and when and when i do i get the worst feeling in my stomach because i’m so much thinner than her and he’s the reason i started eating diet pills.
  • i keep telling myself that i did the right thing by protecting you from this because i was stronger but i can barely keep myself alive.
  • everyone is really disappointing me right now. sucks. and i really thought i could trust them.
  • i have a girlfriend that neither my husband nor my boyfriend know about. i think i may love her.
  • i would never hurt him. i just hope that he won’t hurt me.
  • i sometimes really hate my best friend but i love her too much to say anything.
  • i have never been more afraid of anything than i am of just opening my mouth and saying, “dad, i’m a lesbian”.
  • no matter what i’m doing or who i’m with, you’re the only thing in my head.
  • i’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. everyone thinks such great things about me but i’m really just doing what i think is right despite their thoughts. i’m just as scared as everyone else but no one ever sees it.
  • i’m disposable to everyone around me.
  • i currently have a boyfriend who has treated me the best and i can’t get my ex-boyfriend off my mind ever though he’s been the one to hurt me the worst.
  • i slept with two guys in two nights this weekend. the first night was perfect, he was perfect, everything was absolutely perfect. i was raped the second night.
  • it kills me when he asks for nudes. i actually am really starting to like him and i feel like he’s just using me for my body. like every other man.
  • i feel as if i’m walking through life on a leash society has put on me. all i want to do is slip out of it. yesterday my best friend told me i couldn’t accomplish my dream because it just wasn’t a good idea. i will always resent her.
  • i like reading the secrets about girls loving their brothers because it's nice to know i'm not the only one.
  • i know that text was from you. i will always love you but i just want you to know i’m gone now and i no longer hurt.
  • everyday is a struggle for me to stay and not just drop everything and leave you all behind.


Anonymous said...

I *heart* Textsecret.

Anonymous said...

i think everyones noticed that you dont get as much secrets as you did not too long ago.
but its still something, and its still a place for people to send their secrets when theres no one else to tell.
look on the bright side.. maybe theres less because seeing them out in the open helps the people that read them to let go of their own...

i love this site.
and i send in my own every now and then.
keep it up.