• you always pick her over me. i thought we were supposed to be sisters. stop making promises you can’t live up to
  • i can honestly say i would carry the weight of the world if it meant everyone would be truly happy even just for a day.
  • i know he could make me feel whole again.
  • i don’t love you anymore but i know you too well to let you go just yet. you have a beautiful soul and i don’t want you to hurt anymore.
  • i have feelings for my best friend. she has a boyfriend and so do i but i think about her when i have sex with him.
  • i don’t come home from college because i miss my family. i come home because i miss my dog. he’s the only one who can comfort me without any stipulations.
  • i’m stringing him along so he will buy me a new phone.
  • you are an amazing wonderful person. i know i am extremely lucky that you chose me and i wish i could love you the way i love her. you deserve it. what you don’t deserve is me.
  • i am so scared that i only love him because he was the one that held me that whole month after i was raped
  • i fucked my mom after my dad raped me.
  • i was so desperate for him to love me again i tried to sabotage his new relationship. it didn’t work and i have the scars to prove it.
  • if i don’t get the help i need i’m going to commit suicide tonight.
  • sometimes i want to cut again.
  • i’m afraid to bring the guy i like home because i’m a totally different person around my friends than i am with my mom at home.


Anonymous said...

i heart textsecret

Anonymous said...

to the person who wrote the secret that they were going to commit suicide: i sincerely hope you didn't do it. i know how you feel and i've been here before but it does get better. i promise

Anonymous said...

chibi, dont stop this completely. it's helped, i know it has.

Anonymous said...

i hope secret #1 isn't written for me, but realizing that it could have been is enough of a wake-up call. i'm going to do things differently from now on. i have some broken promises to fix.

happier said...

i wrote the first secret. thank you for fixing those promises.