• i hide in my cave because it’s safe here… no one can hurt me if i don’t go out and let them.
  • i’m in love with my best friend but i’m scared. / more and more challenges are sprung upon me everyday and i’m watching myself get weaker. i’m so depressed and i don’t know how to stay strong.
  • if i’m not selfish for myself, who is?
  • your excuse was you were busy or you just felt like you never had anything to say. it’s been over a month and i miss you so much. i just wish you still loved me. / i hope you still think of me.
  • i miss you way more than i should. cheater or not, i am still in love with you. if you said you wanted me i’d be yours in a heartbeat and i hate myself for that.
  • had a threesome with her and her hubby because i’d lost my way in my marriage. now she fell in love with my best friend and they almost ran away together. everyone is a whore it seems.
  • i still like you and wish you would come home for christmas. i miss you and so does everyone else. please come back.
  • there is so much wrong here. there is so much inside of me you will never understand because you never ask. you never even bother to try.
  • the only thing i had to eat to day was a chicken nugget from wendy’s. instead of getting something else to eat i will just pat myself on the back.
  • i haven’t worn my retainers in years. i’ll blame it on my wisdom teeth.
  • i’d rather be great at something than good at everything.
  • i hate telling people when i’m feeling sad. not only do i think that they won’t care and that i’m stupid but also that i’m weak. i hate this.
  • i miss you every single day and fear that i always will. i miss our conversations that meant everything to me. i love you.
  • i haven’t cut myself in 208 days and it is so hard.
  • i think i’m falling for my friend’s very recent ex. i feel so disloyal. the worst part is that i can’t stop it.
  • pear, wherever you are, i just want you to know that i miss you very much.
  • i can’t take it anymore. i feel left out of my friend’s now. i hate her so much i want to fucking punch her in the face but my dad said if i do he will… / so there is this girl who i cannot stand. she is such a fucking bitch. i hate her with a burning passion. that stupid jew, i really hate her. / i hate this guilt. i wish i knew why. i didn’t want that to happen to anyone. such a though never crossed my mind! so why do i keep being the indirect cause of…
  • i’m married and fell in love with another woman, and she with me. she’s everything i could ever ask for but single. regardless, i can’t stop loving her.
  • i regret saying yes. / i’m a complete disappointment to my parents and all i do about it is smoke pot. / i found myself so physically attracted to you today. it might be because of my dream last night. i hate that our relationship ended so badly sometimes. you were a good friend. / i can’t stand my boyfriend’s personality sometimes.


Anonymous said...

glad to see an update!!! thanks chibi. happy holidays :)

Anonymous said...

To that person who hasn't harmed in 208 days - Congratulations. I know how hard it is.
I'm coming to my year and 3 month anniversary harm-free :)
I hope you text often on your success. If anything - I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

sometime in november, i saw a secret on postsecret, and it was something like "a year ago, you saved me from suicide. thank you"
im sure its not word for word, but thats the main gist of it. it may as well have been for me. i wanted to tell them that they are very welcome, but then i kept either putting it off or forgetting, and then frank updated.
if it was meant for me, you are very very welcome. i loved you then and still do now.

i had to tell someone. and frankly, i have reason to believe frank does not give a snap about what i think.

thanks chibi

Anonymous said...

oh, and ps.
i see my secret in almost every update. its nice to know someone still cares..
and its a wonderful way to tell someone something when you dont know how to tell them


Kevlene said...

I love this idea, just wish I could start up something like it. I think people need an outlet, and people feel better telling strangers their secrets, its safer.