• i hate living at home. i wish i could leave but i know i can’t because i’m too rooted. hurry up and come get me. i’m losing it.
  • i am terrified one day i will wake up and everything i have worked so hard for will be gone. that i will become nothing and be worth nothing without anything to define me
  • when i bag kids bags, i always sneak a second toy, into every other bag. so hopefully it makes the kids day. / i did my hair all kinds of cute tonight for you.
  • i’m sorry i can’t be perfect. i wish i was a better daughter, person, friend.
  • my horrible communication skills always get the best of me. i can rarely express how i feel without tears or yelling. / at this point i think i need drug and alcohol counseling. life just doesn’t feel right sober anymore.
  • today i can say i’m finally ok. all it took was a failed suicide attempt to make me realize it’s not my time to go.
  • half of the people i’ve slept with i work with.
  • i hate myself. i feel like every time i bring my best friend around a guy i like they want her and forget about me. the one time i had a week with him she spent it with us and he left me the next day. i’m so hurt. i hate myself and i don’t know what to do. i’m to the point of suicide and i’ve been putting it off for so long. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i feel like i’m disgusting. he cheated on me with a butch and now wants her. and what hurts the most is i blame her for this. i just want to die. there’s no point in breathing anymore. someone please kill me. i don’t know if i can do it myself.
  • i’ve decided that if i’m not happy by the end of this year, i’m going to kill myself. i’m so tired of being an angry person who can never have any fun.
  • they let me out of the mental hospital because i told them i don’t want to kill myself. i lied.
  • i feel like dying today.
  • i had sex with my brother’s best friend while his sister gave my brother a bj in the corner. i came so hard knowing my brother was watching me!

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Anonymous said...

"i’m sorry i can’t be perfect. i wish i was a better daughter, person, friend."

I wish the same everyday =/. To bad it hasn't come true yet.