• i lie a lot to people. it makes them feel sympathy for me. i want attention.
  • how do you sleep at night knowing you’re the reason i am totally fucked in the head? all of my messed up relationships have been due to ‘daddy issues’.
  • i am in love with a married man. not only that, but he has 3 kids and is also my boss. i’m pulling for the divorce to go through.
  • i’ve never been this lonely around people. they’re mad at me and won’t talk. i want to move down to be closer to my girlfriend but i think she thinks it’s too soon.
  • my little brother is graduating in june and i want him to go to the same college i’m going to so i can fuck him whenever i want instead of having to wait for semester breaks.
  • i keep my razor in the back of my calculator so i can bring it to school. i hate math.
  • i read the texts you receive and my heart breaks at all the sorrow and anger. i wish i could take all of the pain in the world away from everyone.
  • the first time my parents told me they loved me, at 17, was also the day i decided to stop drinking and doing drugs.
  • i am a sister first, a daughter second, and everything else after that, and as soon as i go to college it’s over. i want to be a real person for once in my life.
  • i don’t understand why you’re with me. sometimes i feel like you love me because you think i’m the only person who will love you back. it hurts. / i don’t like who i am.
  • i heard that urban legend about the girl getting caught letting her dog lick peanut butter from her area. i got really curious so i tried it and oh my god it was the best orgasm i’ve ever had!
  • i’m doing better. but sometimes you pop into my head and i start missing you.
  • you left me two days after my birthday for some fucking deadbeat loser who you’re probably fucking as i write this and still i want you back. as stupid as that sounds, i love you so much and wish you would open your eyes and see what you have here.
  • i sit in class wondering if any of the boys around me could ever love me. they never do.
  • i recently asked out the girl that i liked despite the distance between us. even though she hasn’t lied to me i’m afraid this is all a huge joke to her.
  • i don’t care if i don’t know you. i love you. please find me. i’m waiting.


Anonymous said...

my heart started racing when i read that last one.
i wish i knew it was you that wrote it =(
believe me, id go find you.

Anonymous said...

There were some really good ones this time! Holy shit @ the married boss and brother one.

chibi said...

there was a comment left that said, "chibi, don't tweak the secrets".

i didn't delete it but tried to publish it with the other comments. i don't know where it went.

anyway, to the best of my recollection, i didn't "tweak" any secrets this week. i haven't for a while. but if i did or if i do it is usually to make the secret more readable.

S. said...

i'm the girl who wrote the last one. my heart started racing when i read your comment. i hope you find what you're looking for

G. said...

S. thanks.
i hope whoever it is finds a way to find you.
by the way, this time my heart only skipped a beat instead of racing

Cruel World, Cruel People... said...

chibi, i wrote that comment on a waaaay earlier post, cuz you said in it that you change up some of the secrets. so i thought that you maybe still do it, so i asked you not to.
thats probably why it wont show on here, by the way.
and thank you for clearing it up :)

Bebe said...

"i’m doing better. but sometimes you pop into my head and i start missing you."

I know what you're going through =/.