• i hit my boyfriend this weekend. i am so ashamed.
  • don’t give up yet. i’m praying for you even if we’ve never met.
  • i’m afraid i won’t get to be the girl i want to be in college because of my face. / for once in my life i want to feel like a pretty girl rather than some big ugly monster. i’ve never felt that way about myself.
  • in the past i convinced myself not to commit suicide since college would be better than high school was. i’m so terrified that i’ll be wrong.
  • it hurts how unimportant i am to my family. i don’t understand how i am so unimportant to myself. / i feel so betrayed by my family. unsurprisingly, mostly from my mother.
  • last week’s secret about a sister hoping her brother will go to the same school got me so hot. i just bought a new sexy bikini to celebrate my brother coming home from his first year away at college. i can’t wait to get alone with him again!
  • you said you’d give me anything i wanted as long as i didn’t fall in love with you. i don’t think i’m holding up my end of the bargain.
  • i’m having trouble understanding how a person can be completely in love with someone they don’t know; even though i’m one of them.
  • i wonder if i love him but the days i go to sleep without him are the worst. his snores soothe me better than any teddy bear ever could.
  • it’s much easier to eat normally then throw up than to not eat at all. it saves an explanation to my friends and family that I’m not ready to give.
  • it makes me sad that you won’t let him see his daughter because me and him are engaged. to bad he is going for visitation this month and she will be around me.
  • i wear my tennis skirt to social studies because my teacher is hot and i want him to see i’m not wearing panties. i am so wet by the end of class i have to run to the bathroom to relieve myself.
  • three years ago today i got my first kiss.
  • i’m afraid he means everything he says right now but that he’ll change his mind and abandon me like garbage. / i’d rather not have kids and wonder what it’s like than have one child and find out i’m not a good mother.
  • i made a promise to myself: if he talks to me tomorrow i will ask him to make love to me.
  • when someone came to the conclusion that my significant other gave me my black eye i didn’t tell them otherwise because i liked the attention.
  • we said we’d behave after your new boyfriend said no to girl-on-girl action. i think you’ve been avoiding me because you know we won’t. i plan to steal you back.
  • i want to die. i don’t want to talk. i just don’t give a fuck. i really just don’t want to be here and i ain’t wasting time calling a hotline.


Anonymous said...

to the person who wrote that last one. who wants to die:
im sorry =(

i wish i could stop everyone from suicide.

Anonymous said...

You are worth calling the hotline. You are worth so much that you don't even now. You are loved if by no one else than me, don't give up! :)