from the observation deck… nobody wins

grafting yourself onto a trunk, leeching luxurious nutrients from the roots
you lied. about too many things to list here. you lied
assaulting senses & sensibilities, assuaging anxieties & angst

 you made claims. you lied
signs pointing neon fingers to danger, delusions, and denigration lined this primrose path

 you promised love, but you lied
languishing perceptions of self-induced gaping wounds

 you were supported, but you lied about not wanting to be
imbuing streets suffuse with acidic blood & balderdash

 you lived high on the hog, and lied about your contribution
guiding the beguiled through psychosomatic peaks & valleys or verdant envy

 you had means, but you lied about having them
hiking high, fortune’s fool, intoxicated on fumes of sighs

 you admitted your lies, then lied about your motivation
these delights have [emotionally] violent ends

 you apologized for your lies, then lied about your apology
innocence is not objectively obtained or anointed

 you yelled and screamed, then lied about yelling and screaming, then yelled about screaming and lying, then screamed about lying and yelling
noting abuse primarily doesn’t ordain you the victim, or victimize you exclusively

 you lied about abuse, then abused your alleged abuser
going home to not a home, homeless without knowing no one is putting you down

 you maybe aren’t a liar, but you lie about so much
you lied about things you didn’t need to lie about

there cannot be,
in this foolish fiction furiously projecting slings & arrows into your
exsanguinated heart,
any winners. shrapnel shreds soft tissue surrounding ground zero
while nuclear winter clouds settle softly into the
cankered crater
where you both once stood.

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