as for some of the longer texts, this is just a matter of the secret holders sending multiple texts. this can be interesting as they don't always come in order! i've noticed also that senders are adding 'pr' and 'nr' either before or after the body of the text. i didn't know what that was at first but quickly realized it was shorthand for 'please respond' and 'no response'. so this is growing and even developing its own shorthand. so here are this week's....

  • i’ve been friendless my whole life bc i’m afraid that in making friends they will learn i’m desperate and reject me। when ppl ask who i do things with i usually make it up.
  • i can’t cry when we talk about the move because i can’t see that it won’t work. but he’s scared and thinks i will find someone else. i don’t want someone else.
  • i was glad when my husband cheated. it gave me the reason i needed. i was only mad because she was my friend.
  • i love my nephew so much because i’m afraid i won’t have kids of my own.
  • i’ve been abusing laxatives for two weeks. So much for kicking the eating disorder completely….
  • i’m not gonna lie I’m feeling pretty alone in this world right now. I haven’t met someone truly amazing in a long time.
  • he married her instead of me.
  • i often say what a great liar i am. if only they knew what i was lying about.
  • all i want is a man to spoon me
  • i hate homosexuals but who am i to judge? i’m gay too
  • there have been periods in my life where i have slept around and they only leave me feeling empty. it’s my only way to defy love.
  • i know i cut you out of my life completely but i dream about you every night, i’m sorry. i’m wondering if it was a mistake. i hope that you are doing ok. i’ll miss that friendship.
  • i like to wear diapers.
  • i want to be anorexic. i feel it’s the only way.
  • a fellow teacher @ my school got in trouble for misconduct. i know more then i would admit
  • i hate sex but i keep pushing my bf to have it with me
  • sometimes i’m only christian because i get free stuff.
  • when i was 11 my brother was talking to me about sex and then he offered to show me how it felt i said no but i wonder about it & worry
  • sometimes i fantasize about hurting myself just to see if he would come to the hospital…
  • i tell my friends i’m happy being single after 2 failed marriages. i really am overwhelmingly lonely & worry i will never meet the one for me
  • he’s not in my dreams anymore.
  • i let a man 30 years older then me put his hand up my skirt while i was driving his convertible. what a thrill!!!
  • i plan to leave this town before he gets back to show him i am sick of seeing him, knowing i can’t have him.
  • i have absolutely no friends. i have been alone so long, i think i have forgotten how to make a friend.
  • i have a gay brother and i love it!!!
  • they saved my life. i’m grateful for that, but i’m scared to death i’m losing my faith in them.
  • i resent my family for blaming everything negative in my life on the fact that i was raped as a child. that’s why i’m reluctant to come out to them – i know it will be seen as some defect in me from my sordid past. i couldn’t risk having something that’s such a part of me just dismissed as an emotional issue.
  • every time i misplace my cell phone i pray that it has been lost for good. i could then disappear.
  • i’m in love with my best friend and he’s in love with the sex we have. i wonder sometimes if he’ll ever love me…
  • i don’t smoke. i don’t want to die the same way they all do.
  • i want to be an exhibitionist! but i’m too shy
  • my mom has a normal sounding voice but every time i hear it i cringe… no matter how sweet her tone is.
  • my four year old daughter is my best friend and without her i would have never made it o twenty five.
  • i blame no one staying on my autism but really i think it’s cause i’m not good enough
  • i only give second chances to attractive people
  • i finally told my parents in jan. that my cousin (who they adore) had molested me. this, after i had finally decided to move on after letting it haunt/ruin me for five years. they said it was my fault
  • i stole my grandpa’s loratabs after he died and sold them to buy cigs and makeup
  • i am 23 and i recently got dumped from my first real boyfriend. i want to go back to who i was before i met him
  • i know it’s cliché, but i’m falling for one of my best friends. he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend. the worst part is that he told me that he was glad we never dated because we have so much more as friends. i can’t help but be jealous that she gets to kiss him.
  • i love my best friend, but she doesn’t realize that the drugs will kill her. i’m seriously thinking about making her go to rehab, even if she hates me afterward.
  • it’s been 2 weeks since i’ve talked to him, it’s the best decision i’ve made in a while. i can finally work on myself instead of a failing relationship
  • all i needed was for him to give a little of his time and maybe ask how my day was once in a while. i can’t be lonely in this relationship anymore, i’m asking him to move out tonight.
  • i’m dating a guy who is married w 3 kids. sometimes i'll text his phone when i know he’s sleeping kind of hoping his wife will find out and leave him.
  • every time i go to church i ask god to give me the strength to not eat.
  • i haven’t seen or spoken to him in a year and a half. i would still say yes without hesitation if he were to propose today.
  • when i have a bad day i steal clothes jewelry or makeup to feel better. the worst part is sometimes it works.


It's Davey said...

cool. thanks for the text.

christy_c said...

You have amazing taste in movies and books. Kudos.

PS - thanks for posting our secrets

AndieZ said...

I’m in love with my best friend and he’s in love with the sex we have. I wonder sometimes if he’ll ever love me…
This could be my secret, only i'm pretty sure he does, but to scared to admit it

Anonymous said...

sometimes it's really gross when you post distrubing secrets but not heartlfelt ones.