sorry, i'm not much feeling like commenting today or leaving you with a story. i had actually written something out about halloween and masks and whatnot but it looks as though my computer has destroyed it for some reason. well, here are this week's secrets. thank you all for sharing!

  • i’m jealous of all of my friends who are in love. i’m wondering when it will be my turn. i secretly think i make myself unlovable to guys i don’t want to love.
  • this is the third time i‘ve fallen in love with a teacher.
  • my bro-in-law just recently got fired. i’m secretly happy that he did because he can be such a jerk sometimes.
  • i have to go get a sonogram on wednesday and i’m scared for the worst (it’s not for pregnancy it’s for stomach pains)
  • i’m 16 and pregnant and everyday i feel more and more guilty about being excited for her arrival.
  • i text you so that you know someone always cares
  • he raped me and abused me for years before i left him. he’s the only man i’ve ever loved. i’m 28 now and i’m engaged to someone else but i still see his face everyday.
  • xxxx is no longer the only person i’ve kissed in over three years.
  • i don’t ever feel like crying. i’m just numb.
  • i think i make myself sad sometimes because i’m worried that i have forgotten what it feels like and feeling sad is better than feeling nothing at all.
  • i don’t tell people my real secrets. it can’t help because no one really knows me. they couldn’t and probably wouldn’t ever want to
  • last summer i met a guy online who is 20 years older than me. we had sex. i still don’t know his name.
  • my glass is half full and i’m still not satisfied.
  • i loved her with everything i had and when she got with him it killed me inside. now she realizes she’s still in love with me so i tell her i love her too even though i don’t. it makes me feel vindicated to be so cold and callous to her.
  • everyday i wish it was me that got killed instead of my brother… i think he would have made something more of himself than i did.
  • sometimes i just want to run away.
  • i don’t love my mother.
  • every time i read a secret about husbands and wives cheating on each other it scares me and makes me never want to get married.
  • i’ve changed. i miss who i used to be and don’t like the way i’ve become.
  • i am in love with my best guy friend whom i have never met in person. problem is he’s in a well known and some days i think he forgets about me.
  • he chose his dying relationship with her rather than our blossoming friendship. when i see him now i just want to cry.
  • i should never drink. everyone in my family is addicted to something. i just can’t say no. i’m worried.
  • i enjoy being the other girl. it excites me more than you could ever imagine. the last three guys i’ve been with have been in relationships and 1 has kids.
  • i will never be good enough but i am too afraid to leave.
  • i constantly think about what things would be like if you did kiss me that night at the rave. i haven’t stopped hoping for another opportunity like that since then.
  • i never thought it would hurt so bad to not be able to say i love you because nether of us will be first to say it. i wish i had the guts to change it.
  • it’s all crashing down again and i don’t think i’m going to be able to pick up the pieces this time.
  • sometimes i thank him for teaching me a lesson the hard way. he taught me self respect and got me to drop the blade. thanks for telling me i’m good for nothing.
  • i’m so scared since after we spent the night together that he’s just going to break up with me and i really love him.
  • i’m afraid of being alone but i can’t stand being vulnerable to anybody. i’m my own worst enemy and i don’t know how to fix it. i’m the person everybody thinks has it all together and they go to for advice. they have no idea that inside of me i’m totally shattered.
  • i found the secret to happiness: finding the 1 man in the world u could spend everyday with and never get tired of him and clinging to him like u only have today.
  • i don’t think i will ever tell him what happened that day.
  • my exbf michael david is a self-obsessed asshole. his youtube account is worthlessperson13 and it’s as worthless a vlog as his name suggests.
  • when she lost interest in me i lost interest in living.
  • i’m scared that after twenty years my family still doesn’t know who i am and who i want to be.
  • i’m afraid no man will ever love me.
  • i masturbate at work - like an orgasm to pick up a bad day.
  • i accept that i will never be truly happy again and it doesn’t bother me.
  • my brother and i have been having sex for three months now - it's amazing!


Testament said...

while one of these secrets actually is mine, there are one or two others that might as well be....

Ashley said...

First, true joy is in the Lord, not in people on this earth (although they can definitely enhance your life).
Second, wow. That last text secret REALLY disturbs me....

Mary Meek said...

The one about the secret to happineness being about finding a guy... Err ... No. That's a definite no. I'd say it's about finding love in general. Whether its for a family, for a job, for a whatever. Then clinging to that as thought it's your last day being able to enjoy it.

It's definiately NOT about needing romantic love - not everybody needs or wants it, not everybody is going to get it.