this past weekend, frank posted a secret from a person who had participated in the textsecret experiment. she (i presume 98% of participants are female) received a text from a pedophile and it brought up all sorts of emotions as she is a survivor of abuse.

frank asked if this was a common occurrence and for folks to share their experiences in the comments. many people voiced concern, disappointment, and even outrage that frank had allowed minors to post their phone numbers and suggested that this was a bad idea from the beginning. one particularly inarticulate, yet persistent and annoying, commenter demanded frank delete the blog and not allow anyone else to post phone numbers again. there were also many that confirmed the positive experience had by the majority of those who had participated.

i did receive a text from a person i would consider a pedophile. i dealt with the text and the textor in a way i found satisfactory and i moved on.

there is only so much that can be done in this situation. i know that frank i not to blame. i always believe that parents should be more aware of what their kids are doing. i don't think that there were predators lurking on myspace or on the postsecret blog waiting to victimize unsuspecting kids simply wanting to share secrets.

i think this is a good thing. i think this is another outlet for the postsecret community. i think this is a good thing for me personally though i haven't quite figured out the therapeutic benefits of accepting and publishing the secrets of others.

i hope that you all continue on. i hope that you tell others. i hope that frank soldiers on, but i'm sure he will. postsecret has an inherent trust in humanity and that has been extended into the textsecret experiment. bad apples will appear along the road. but if only one bad apple appears every hundred miles or so, that seems like a pretty darn clean road.

thank you all for sharing again. i hope you are well. please don't forget that there is always help.

an interesting blog about one person’s textsecret experience

this week's secrets:
  • i just bought my first house and when everyone tells me how proud they are i did it alone i cringe… we were looking at houses 2 weeks before he found out the girl he was cheating on me with was pregnant with his child.
  • i don’t think that i’ll ever be ok without taking drugs. i don’t really do them for fun, i do them so i no longer want to die. even if the pains only going away for a short time. every problem i have was created by me. if this is life i want to be done.
  • i flirt with my ex-boyfriend because he’s still in love with me. it boosts my self-esteem when he tells me that it’s impossible for me to look like crap.
  • i secretly wish my father would start drinking again so my mom would leave him like she said she would if he did it again.
  • the night i came home after i tried to kill myself he went for a beer with his friends instead of coming to see me. i still love him.
  • i resent him for dying before i could get over him & move on because now i feel like an 18yr old widow.
  • i’ve been vegetarian for years. after a stressful day at work i went to a mcdonalds and got a cheeseburger. it made me sick but it was delicious. now i’m not sure who i am.
  • i want to die. and as i sit here on my porch chain smoking, freezing… i see all the beauty around me and feel so worthless. i feel like there is no hope.
  • i tell my mom i love her every time i go out. it’s not because i want her to know i love her, it’s because if i die while i’m out my lat words to her were those. i say it no matter what. i love you.
  • what i’ll miss most about my uncle is sitting in the bathroom watching him have. i had hoped i’d get to see that one more time, but now all i have is memories.
  • there’s a guy that 2 of my friends n i all really like but 1 of them thinks he’s gonna ask her out. he just asked me n the other friend to his party… not her.
  • i’m scared to go to the doctor for my muscular dystrophy because then he will know i never finished my chemotherapy.
  • i’m 18, in college and i’ve never been kissed, had a boyfriend, or gone out on a date… i think it’s because i’m too afraid to change the way things are…
  • sometimes i wish i could just go to sleep forever. too scared to do it myself because i don’t want my son to hate me. but when i read about someone killed in a car accident i wish it were me. i hope it will get better.
  • shit. i can’t see myself growing up or getting older at all. i don’t see myself living. that’s when i start to wonder.
  • i’ve got my suicide planned out perfectly. i’m going down to the woods, put the plastic wrap around my head n lay down in the leaves n wait for happiness.
  • i’m in love with a married man and can’t seem to stay away from him even though i know he’s using me.
  • i wish I had the courage to divorce my husband. then i might have the courage to tell the guy i’m sleeping with that i don’t want him anymore.
  • i’m in love with my best friend. he has no idea when i say ‘i love you’ i truly mean it i’ll never tell him the truth.
  • everything my mother says or does makes me angry… she tries so hard to be close to me… i want to try and be friends with her but i just can’t.
  • i wish i was given the chance to be in a relationship but apparently looks are more important than how much you care about someone.
  • i can’t help but sabotage myself. something about it just makes it feel like it’s worth trying harder to succeed.
  • i like men to hurt me when we have sex because then i can hate them instead of love them. If they won’t i hate them anyhow because they won’t give me what i want
  • it breaks my heart to hear my dad gush about how proud he is that i am FINALLY losing weight. i wish he could be just as happy about my other accomplishments.
  • i feel like i’m dying. i miss him more than i’ve ever missed anyone.
  • i don’t care what they say, i love you!
  • i really wish i had someone to hug whenever i wanted. i’m so tired of being called worthless by the people I love, have loved and now people who don’t know me. it starts to take a toll on one’s heart even if you know it can’t be true
  • i’m being left behind again. even though it has to be done it still breaks my heart. i will love them all forever. while they’ll be celebrating, i will be crying.
  • i’m leaving him. i sent him the papers in iraq. It isn’t that i don’t love him i just am not attracted to him at all and i’m tired of faking orgasms and sympathy.


samantha said...

The next time he sees me, I'm going to be pretty. He'll regret leaving me, and hurting me. I may not get him back, but I can make him lust over me.
When I see him again, I'll forgive him.

Judy said...

After I sent in my secret, I made a conscious effort to change it. So far, so good!

hectorr. said...

omg, so my friend send me this link today
and she said i should read it
and i read the premise of the blog
and i thought, "man i'm so jealous. why did i stop getting some?"
and so i decided to post my number up again.

THEN i started reading through your blog, (i found many of the secrets I got sent here)
and to my surprise, you link my blog on this week.
man im like mega smiling (: (: