i recieved this message from 'i would call...' in response to my comments on the postsecret blog. below is my reply. if i get anymore messages i will continue to post them here.

[ i would call... ]
listen. i cant be arsed arguing with you becuase you obviously think your right no matter what.

i do want to know this. why do you feel the need to do exactly what frank is doing? except via texts, which is just rubbish by the way. why get people to text you rather than let them send their messages to frank? and dont say its becuase you offer advice to the people who text you, because your not qualified and you've no right to think you can give people advice on their personal life. further more, dont say "im 38, i know some stuff blah blah blah" because age is only a measurment of time, not of wisdom. and its been made clear to me that you, despite being 38, are not responsible let alone wise. and yes, i would say you are a bit pathetic, because you feel the need to recieve secrets from little girls and boys who's families dont love them enough or who have no friends who feel the need to vent via strangers. im not saying thats a bad thing, when your lonely your lonely. but your 38. you not got a family of your own?

teenagers giving out their personal phone numbers to strangers online is really really stupid and dangerous.
you should know that.

all ill say is this, frank is doing a good job. if i were you id let him get on with it.

and one last thing, ive had dozens of emails agreeing with what ive said. theres also been a few comments on the blog agreeing with me.

who's agreeing with you?

and here is my response...

i feel the need because the need is there. people were looking for a way to tell their secrets anonymously. frank is the one who proposed the idea in the first place. perhaps texts provide easier or quicker access for people. maybe sending in postcards wasn't enough. frank only posts 20/week. that's maybe 10% of what he actually gets? why are you so upset about it? if it isn't hurting you why get all up in arms about it.

i offer no advice and never made the suggestion that i do. i don't trade secrets either. out of the last 300 or so texts i have gotten, i have responded to one of them. i've also never suggested that i am qualified to do anything for anyone. this is virtually a one-way service. people text a secret to me, i post it. that's it.

how has this been made clear to you? again, i've never suggested any sort of wisdom, based on age or any other reason for that matter. if i had any sort of wisdom at all then i would be able to pull my own life out of the rut that it's in but here i sit none the better. i don't understand how any of this makes me irresponsible or unwise though. maybe you could enlighten me?

i suppose i am a bit pathetic. but then, of course, i didn't need you to point that out to me. i used to think the secrets i got were all from girls in their teens but i was wrong. the people that send me texts are wide ranging in age, gender, and backgrounds. i've gotten texts from all fifty states, most canadian provinces, and from several countries outside of north america. i don't know where the people are from who leave messages in my 'truth box' but i would presume it would only increase the diversity.

i'm not a teenager and i don't encourage anyone to give their number out. i've accepted whatever 'danger' you think is lurking out there for myself. really though, most of the people who post their numbers give out more information on their profiles then you would ever get from a phone number.

frank IS doing a good job. i never disputed that nor have i ever suggest he wasn't. also, i'd never get in the way of him doing what he does. i doubt that i am any sort of threat to his 'work'.

finally, i'm not trying to win a popularity contest with you. you made a comment on the blog and i responded. you said it was pathetic and i took offense to that. people are lonely in the world yet you seem to have no compassion for them. so go on with your wealth of friends and family and people you can share all of your deepest secrets with.
but why not leave the rest of us alone to be pathetic without your public scorn and disdain?

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Anonymous said...

I used to think it was stupid to give you phone number out. But Really, When I send my secret in to him [Chibi], It not giving it out to the world, It's giving it to one person who, although I don't know, I can trust. As for being pathetic, Everyone is pathetic in their own way.

Some people just really need to feel that there's some one out there that wants to and/or is there to listen. Text Secret allows people to share their secrets in a way that for some, may be easier and quicker than postsecret.

I don't condone giving your number out to complete strangers, but what he said before is true, You can get more information about me from my facebook or on my myspace than you can from my number.

To Chibi,
We live in a very mistrusting, dangerous time, it's good to know there's a good person out there who actually wants to listen, Thank you for being that person :]