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here are this week's secrets. as always, thank you all for sharing.

  • i hate it. i am married to a man i don't love, and wishing i could be with the one that i do.
  • a few months ago i sent a guy i used to like topless photos of me. now, he is using them to blackmail me into sending him more. i don’t want to do it but i have no way out
  • you left your old account signed in on myspace. i just spent the last hour reading old messages from your ex. i wish i would’ve gotten to see the side of you that you showed her before she destroyed you. now you’re scared to get close to anyone. i deserve the side of you that she threw away. / i’m going to fail my next anatomy test because i can’t find the motivation to really study. i’ve already accepted the fact that i’m probably going to have to take this class again. i’ve never felt so unintelligent and lost in my academic life. / i don’t understand why so many of our guy friends go crazy over you. i think you’re funny looking. i get a sick satisfaction from hearing about how one of the guys at the party that asked for my number (but didn’t get it) thought that it was gross that he kissed you. you always used to win. now it’s my turn. / i’m so sick of being disappointed by you. i deserve so much better than this. let me go
  • because i can’t do this anymore. / sometimes you make me want to drive full-speed into a cement wall. you don’t deserve to make me feel that way. fuck you. / instead of cutting myself i bruise myself. no scars but plenty of pain.
  • today is my first appointment and i know it’s my start to a better future for me and i want to shout it out to the world. / i thought that taking this first step would be good. instead it has made me go back two steps and realize people really need to be quiet. / i’m trying to love myself for who i am but i still feel like a worthless piece of crap.
  • i just had major surgery. no one knows the real reason why. they all say they are glad i’m ok but in my head i’m saying, “i’m not”.
  • i just found out your name today. at least now i can stop calling you “taco bell guy”. thank you for noticing me when i feel invisible. i wish i could tell you that every time you compliment me you make my day. i want to tell you that you have the most amazing eyes and i love your philly accent. i want you. not only physically. i want to know all about you. i just wish i wasn’t too shy to tell you all of this.
  • i have over 200 contacts in my phone and i can’t call one of them my friend.
  • i read people’s facebook quotes and laugh even though i was never there.
  • all i want to do is leave but i have nowhere to go.
  • i love texting because the only way my friends know if something is wrong is if i tell them.
  • they come to me to talk them out of killing themselves. truthfully, i want to tell them it’s not worth it and that i want to die more than they do but i don’t to save them.
  • i hate being such a jealous person. i hate every girl that he talks to. i pretend like i’m fine with it so he won’t be mad but really it’s eating me up inside.
  • i faked an orgasm because after five minutes i was afraid i was taking too long and he would get mad.
  • even though we’re not friends anymore i just thought you should know that i was right about her. she’s going to dump you for another guy after the banquet. / i have fallen in love with a fictional character. / i keep listening to a song that reminds me of us just so i can keep you with me a little bit longer. / i’ve loved you since the first day we met. you deserve better. you deserve me.
  • i wish my niece’s mom would let me keep her or that her mom’s new husband would leave them so i could have a solid relationship with them again.
  • i’m 13 almost 14 and i’ve been addicted to cutting myself since i turned eleven.
  • my mom is leaving us again. i hate that when the going gets rough the only thing she resolves to do is leaving our family.
  • i don’t like her. not because she’s a bitch but because she gets to kiss you. i just want to kiss you one more time.
  • i fake phone calls and dates so my parents won’t think i’m not good enough to get a real date.
  • it disgusts me when gay people hate themselves for being gay or hate gay people in general. i can’t stand it and would rather them all disappear.
  • i have some shitty-ass friends but i can never step up to get them fully out of my life.
  • my life is not perfect, not by a long shot, but it is going exactly the way i want it to. this is good.
  • you were right, i went out with her for the wrong reasons and now i regret not being with you. every time i look at you i think you are the girl of my dreams.
  • when i was in fifth grade i read ’50 sexy tricks’ in cosmo. i think about the ‘tricks’ when i’m with you.
  • i think what a lot of teenagers think is depression is just life. growing up is hard and not every emotion is a mental disease.
  • damn it! i let i happen again. i fell back in love with that adorable blonde boy from roseburg.
  • i fell in love (the teenage version) with someone i met on postsecret. he’s ten years older and probably doesn’t feel the same.
  • today, i officially got over the boy i’ve loved for 2 yeas. what pushed me over the edge was my decision to completely cut ties with him the day after we graduate. i’ve never felt more free in my life.
  • when i’m on the road i like to look at other people just to see what they look like even though i know it will be awkward if they look back.
  • he said, ‘i try to convince myself that you don’t mean anything to me but i think about you every second of every day’. if that is true then why is he still with her?
  • hi think i could really love him. i hope he gives me a chance.
  • i’m tired of being second best to my best friend.
  • i am lost in life. i have no idea who i am.
  • i still have a silent hatred of my boyfriend’s ex. she hated me first!
  • i’m not the person everyone thinks i am but i do love you with my whole heart and soul. please love me.
  • i’m a lesbian but i love men in suits.
  • i think my girlfriend is just using me.
  • i can’t keep talking to you on the phone or i might fall in love with you.
  • tomorrow i turn 18. i wonder if i’m ready to grow up.
  • the taste of beer makes me gag and i think that’s the reason i haven’t gone out drinking in over a month. i’m a popular college student at a party school.
  • numbing myself is the only thing that works anymore.
  • i’m falling in love with you.
  • my breath still catches in my chest every time i see you.
  • my boyfriend dumped me saturday but changed his mind and now i wish we were broken up. i’m just staying with him to see what he’s like in bed. / every time i have sex it feels like abuse. i feel like it’s the only thing i’m good at or for.
  • i am in serious danger of falling for my roommate’s boyfriend.
  • i’ve become more promiscuous in the last year and i’m hating myself.
  • as karma would have it, a girl that doesn’t believe in bi-sexuality is sexually interested in her best friend.
  • i would gladly relive any of the days we spent together over and over again.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to So many of these this week. This site has allowed me to become more open with one of my friends, and ever since i've showed him this site, we have gone through and told eachother all of the secrets that we can relate it. It's really nice having someone i know that i can tell this to.

Anonymous said...

To the comment regarding being her/his best friends second best, that comment could easily be about me. I have 4 people who I consider to be my best friends. I absolutely love them all, and they know each other, but none of them are really close with each other. As a result of this I am sometimes pulled in different directions and do have one I consider to be my absolute best (closer than a sister). It stings me too, when someone displays that they're hurt that I'm not spending enough time with one or the other. It's not intentional, I love them all, I'm just only one person and capable of so much between holding down 3 jobs, having sick family, studying, and being involved with other commitments. Silly as it seems, I dread the day when I have to pick a maid of honor...

IsabellaSwan said...

You know...you don't have to pick a maid of honor...they could all be maid of honors if you really can't choose one over the other. It's your wedding...no one makes the final say but YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

i normally leave a comment here each week and they're always about the same topic; my ex.
the other night i started talking to a guy i have liked for so long but he haspreviously been out of bounds,now we're both single ad getting on really well..
i have started to fall for him really fast but im scared it wont go anywhere and ill make fool out of myself.
i also wonder if it is just to get back at my ex who i finally think im getting over,
but surely it cant be.

i know that once im happy ill be happy for him,
im just counting on being made happy by this certain somebody!

Anonymous said...

to the girl who said she sent topless photos to a guy she doesn't like anymore,
threaten him that you'll tell the police that he stole them.
they'll believe you, you're a girl.