• i check postsecret and textsecret every week hoping to find a message from you. it’s been more than a year and i still hate you for what you did to me but i wish you would come back to me.
  • i’m sure you really don’t care but if you opened your eyes for one second you’d realize you’ve loved me since we met. that’s why those girls never work out. / i love you because you know me better than anyone else. i told you i loved you platonically and you said i know you love me both ways. i knew you’d say that we…. / as soon as i think you’ve finally got a grasp on it you say something that makes me cry. i’ve lost everyone. you’re my last hope. / i worry that i’m bi-polar because sometimes i just want to shoot somebody for no particular reason.
  • my plan is to leave when i turn 18 which is two years away but i know i need to finish school but i don’t think i can last an longer. i’m barely hanging on as it is.
  • i think i’m falling in love with you and it should be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me but i’m afraid it’ll never work out.
  • i would trade all of the luxury items i have to not feel lonely anymore. / i wish someone would recognize how fake my smile and laughs are. / i’m ashamed of being bi-sexual.
  • when i turn 21 i plan on running away and leaving everything behind. honestly, i think everyone would be much better off without me. / i think i’m meant to be alone. i lose anyone that i get close to and never hold on to those who don’t leave. / i just let go of the person who still holds my heart. oddly enough i’m not sad about it. instead i feel free and finally in control of my life.
  • your little brother is really cute. even though he’s two years younger, i want to date him when he’s older. / i’m so tired of those stupid games we play. please break up with me for real this time. it would make everything so much easier.
  • i’m falling for you way too quickly. i need someone to catch me this time. i only hope you’re falling for me too.
  • i want us to be like we were before sex. i want you to want me.
  • i’m going to be a senior and i have no idea where i’m going to go in life and i would much rather die than have to choose. / i’d have to say that my two biggest fears in life are not being able to find love and becoming financially unstable. just like my mom. / sometimes i just want to take a hot lighter and burn it into my leg. mainly to see what it would be like. but maybe it can relieve me of the emotional pain. / i wish he would think more of me but what can i do… / i’m waiting to meet someone who knows how i feel and doesn’t just feel sympathy towards me but has been/is going through what i am.
  • i never felt less beautiful than i do right now. / i wish she would quit getting herself into these situations. she deserves so much better.
  • i can’t wait for the day when i wake up next to you.
  • my ex-best friend hates me and i’m tempted to tell people all of the shit i know about her and all the things she has said about all of her close friends to me. she’s a fucking terrible person and i can’t wait for her constant lies and manipulation to catch up with her.
  • i wish i had someone to talk me out of throwing up but i could never tell any of my friends. hate feeling so lonely.
  • i know i’m a goddamn piece of work but i am so happy that you’re still here. / is it so bad that all i ask is that you show me more affection? your “i love you came too late. i don’t know who i’m more sorry for – you or myself.
  • i tell him that i don’t trust him but it’s really me that i don’t trust.
  • i wish that he would talk to me but i know i fucked up things for good and i can’t do anything to change that. / hoping i’m just imagining the lump i can feel in my breast. i’m only 16. is breast cancer possible at my age? i’m not ready to die. / i never wanted to drink my life away more than i do right now. fuck…
  • today i ran into him after a long time of not seeing him. i thought i was over him but i guess i’m not.
  • i can’t stand myself most days.
  • i’m always afraid that when i’m not with you you’re cheating on me.
  • i’ve never felt as sad as i do right now. i don’t know why i put myself through this just to wait around for nothing to happen. i love you but i hate myself.
  • there hasn’t been a day for the past three years that i haven’t thought about killing myself. i’ve never told anyone because don’t think i’m worth the argument.
  • i want talking about your cheating to make it better or easier but really it just makes it even harder for me to believe you when you tell me i’m beautiful.
  • he tried to break me but he didn’t. he couldn’t. i’m too strong and i have too many amazing people behind me.
  • during the times when i feel like ending it all, the only thing that stops me is the thought of how my father would feel. i love you daddy.
  • wearing thongs doesn’t make me a slut. being a slut makes me a slut.
  • we all took a trip together this weekend. i’ve never felt more left out of a group. / i saw your secret here. it made me sad but i’m glad i saw it. it’s the only news i’ve heard of you in six weeks.
  • i’m scared because i don’t know what’s going to happen when you leave for school. you have a hard time living on your own but i don’t. i’m not saying that i want to continue my life without you because i don’t but i just don’t want to grow too far apart that you don’t need me anymore. / chicks before dicks my ass! and you thought my boyfriend took all of my time. your boyfriend is taking all of your time!
  • i wish people did not love me so i can do things and then not have to worry.
  • i’m slowly drowning in my own realization of life. i’ve pretended for too long that i’m happy with who i am. i’m not. i’m ready to give up.
  • i know you think dumping you because of your coke addiction was ridiculous but i couldn’t be with someone who reminded me of my past.
  • the only thing that keeps me from cutting is having to actually talk to my parents again.
  • my boyfriend is going out of town tomorrow night for work. i hate when he does because he goes out to the bars. i trust him but i’m so insecure. what if he finds someone better than me? i’m 8 weeks pregnant and don’t know how to calm myself down ever.
  • i finally left you after 3.5 years of bullshit. i’m sleeping with your best friend now and have never been happier. i can’t wait until we tell you.
  • i tell my friend she can mess around with my ex-boyfriends even though i am so in love with them.
  • i ran away for the weekend with a boy who thought he was gay. then he didn’t. he said he loved me. we had sex. now he’s gay again. but i lied to him about my dad hitting my because i didn’t want him to know that i cut myself and that the random guys i was sleeping with were the ones bruising me. / i’m a girl that’s in love with my old best girl friend. she’s bi and i’m only bi for her. i like other boys, just not girls. i want her.
  • i’m setting you free. i don’t deserve you. i deserve better!
  • i haven’t had meaningful sex in almost two years. i’ve slept with six guys since then and i want to have someone that wants to have sex with me because i mean something to them. i want love again.


Laney said...

Okay, I'm confused.

Can someone clarify this for me:

A secret / another secret / another secret.

What does the slash represent and why are the secrets all clustered into a big one?

Anonymous said...

It's just multiple secrets sent in by the same number.

"i’m so tired of those stupid games we play. please break up with me for real this time. it would make everything so much easier."

We finally broke up for real. I miss his friendship so much.

Anonymous said...

"i check postsecret and textsecret every week hoping to find a message from you. it’s been more than a year and i still hate you for what you did to me but i wish you would come back to me."

Me too...

Anonymous said...

"i wish people did not love me so i can do things and then not have to worry."

You don't really mean that.

Anonymous said...

The otherday, I accidentally slashed my little finger when I was getting ready for bed.
I reminded me of when I harmed... I miss it. But know I won't be able to go back to harming...

Anonymous said...

i have finally given up on myself.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on yourself.

Anonymous said...

easier said then done.

Anonymous said...

I give up on love. im not supposed to be happy.

That two year old in th other room is the only thing keeping me going now.
He is the one im living for

Anonymous said...

Love has given up on me.

Anonymous said...

why do we have to be so negative?
it makes me depressed.