answer: not really i don't. sometimes. maybe a little. not the secrets themselves, if you know what i mean...

  • i think the problem with me is that when a new boy and i don’t work out i always crave my ex-boyfriend’s attention. the security that he’ll always have feelings for me is nice. i’m just worried that of the day he realizes there is actually no chance of another relationship with us and move on. it’s selfish but that’s reality and i won’t be made a fool. i am stronger than that. sometimes i really miss having a relationship with you and i don’t know how i feel when you start talking to other people. i really just want you to man up, to make a move to show that you actually want to try and work things out. but i start thinking about the reasons why we broke up and it keeps me from dialing your number and asking to hang out with you again. / i’m starting to miss what we had. all of it. i miss you wanting me to be a part of your life. you say you miss me but you don’t act like it. i want to tell you how i feel but i feel like it’s not in your best interest. maybe it’s my lack of patience but i want you. i know i’ve hurt you but we can make it work. i’m willing to work for a chance with you if you allow it. i’m more than willing. no time like the present. say yes please?
  • my mother’s youngest sister is only two years older than me. she taught me all about sex this summer while she was visiting. i miss her.
  • i’m in love with x but i’ll never have the balls to tell him. i’m just the girl getting the cherry blossom tattoo. / i’ll let men i don’t know talk to me and flirt with me online because it turns me on too. i like to seduce any guy i talk to online too.
  • i sleep with a minimum of two new guys a semester. what they say about art school girls is true!
  • everything from this point forward will be either to put off or prepare for my death. that i will kill myself has ceased to become a choice but a necessity.
  • i’m in love with a 30 year old. he’s my best friend’s brother. we are finally moving in together. i know this will tear apart our friendship.
  • i hate wanting something i’ve never had and never will have. / sweetie, i really don’t like your mom and i hate that you’re a big mama’s boy. / postsecret has taught me that we are never alone. no matter what we go through, someone else is always in the same place sharing our pain and our joy. / i was surprised that you never tried to talk to me again. if you tried now it would be harder since i got a new phone number. / i don’t see any good in myself.
  • my brother came home from college and leaves the bathroom door open when he showers. i masturbate while i watch. i leave the door open now too and i hope that he is watching!
  • i always seem to make good arguments but ninety percent of the time i have no idea what i’m talking about.
  • he’s right, I am a crappy friend. i’m so ashamed. / i’m done being hurt by you. you’ve caused me so much pain since i met you.
  • i’m sick of you. you are a conceited loser who only cares for yourself. honestly get the fuck over yourself. i’m done putting up with your bullshit.
  • when you told me i remind you of dad it was the worst thing you could’ve ever said. and you wonder why i don’t trust you.
  • i found out that he has just been using me for the past couple of years and i tried to kill myself. after lots of thought a couple days later i realized he isn’t worth losing my life over. i will grow from this and move on. but for now it has made me scared to get into another relationship.
  • i loved him for five years and all he did was hurt me. he finally committed and we live together and now i’m discovering a whole new side to him. i’ve pushed everyone who tried helping me away. i miss my friends, i miss my freedom. i miss not being afraid. i miss me.
  • i think i love him and that scares me a lot.
  • for some reason i think when my mom is mad at me she will open her can of beer louder than usual, just to make sure i hear that she’s drinking another.
  • all of my friends are dicks. every single one.
  • i had my first orgasm when i was twelve and my daddy was teaching me to ride a horse by riding behind me. now i have them when he takes me for rides on the back of his motorcycle and my arms are wrapped tight around him.
  • i wanted you to fight for me but instead you let me go. thank you for the best winter of my life.
  • i think i’m in love with you but it can’t be love. not yet. for years i’ve been so sure that love can’t happen this soon yet still i’m in love with you.
  • i’m letting you go because i thought you were better. you’ve only made my bad situation worse. i’m sorry, sort of.
  • my little bother caught me giving my boyfriend a blow job and i have to blow him now to keep him quiet. the thing is i like blowing him more than my boyfriend
  • i was cheating on my husband with my boy friend and now i’m cheating on them both with my boyfriend’s best friend.
  • i hate how when i give you advice on how i’d want guys to do certain things for me you do it for her every single time.
  • i’m a recovering anorexic and i’m jealous of the girls around me who are on their way to getting an eating disorder.
  • i remember now and i’m so angry at myself for forgetting. i’ve always hated the people who made him cry. well now i hate myself. i love him and i forgot that.
  • my lies are catching up to me.
  • i will forgive you. i won’t forget you. please don’t forget me. i still love you. is there a chance you still love me too?
  • the other day i accidentally slashed my little finger when i was getting ready for bed. it reminded me of when i harmed. i miss it but i know i won't be able to go back to harming.


Anonymous said...

"i think i’m in love with you but it can’t be love. not yet. for years i’ve been so sure that love can’t happen this soon yet still i’m in love with you."

you have no idea how much i wish this was from you..
no fucking clue, but i know it isn't.

Anonymous said...

"postsecret has taught me that we are never alone. no matter what we go through, someone else is always in the same place sharing our pain and our joy."

Anonymous said...

The text about postsecret was mine. I love postsecret so much because it connects people in such an entirely positive way. And the more people who see the connection, the better! Thanks for being one of them!

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised more people don't comment on the naughty secrets

Someone said...

For years, I put up with his abusive behavior to ensure that my children had a father around. Yesterday, I read online the quote, "The best thing a father could do for his child is to love its mother."
Because of this quote, I left him (for good) yesterday. I'm scared to be out there in the real world alone with my kids, but it's the best feeling ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm 18 on Saturday.
I'm so afraid. I always used to use being underaged to why I don't go out drinking with people. Now I have no escape.
& I don't go out drinking because I'm terrfied of drunken people.

To make things worse. I'm being dragged to a pub with family and my boyfriend. I have no escape.

Anonymous said...

(To: The girl who turned 18)

Don't let anyone tell you or force you to do something you don't want to do. Yes, they may be family, but if they love you, they shouldn't pressure you to do something you don't want to. I hope you make the right choice.

Kevlene said...

(To the girl who turned 18) I feel for you, and I want you to know that it is possible and respectible to say no and stand up for your beliefs. My dad was drunk my whole life, and it killed him two years ago when I was 22. Alcohol is scary when its misused. Myself, I have never even tried any drugs, not even one puff of a cigarette. My friends respect me for that, and so does my boyfriend, hes never tried drugs either. Bottom line, if you dont want to, you dont have to. I also hope you make the right choice. If you need a friend or some backup, text me. 207-542-0015

Anonymous said...

I swear, I must love my boyfriend too much.. Sometimes I can't go a day without have to hear him say he loves me, or I read letter's he's written me....

Anonymous said...

alright wtf... its been like a month... new secrets? i knowwww your getting a ton... please post them i dont want this site to just stop :(

Anonymous said...

God I wish you would post new ones up. I like reading them. Gives me a break from daily life sadly